Sioux City

Sioux City mapSioux City just North of San Agustin looks like most of the western towns that we know from the classic western movies. This is not a coincidence as some of the greatest western movies were actually shot in Sioux City. A famous example is A fistful of dollars from 1964, which was directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood.

Sioux City has all the buildings you can imagine. The sheriff’s office (and the jail) is located near the bank and the saloon is on the other side of the street. A bit further down the main street, you will find the hotel and, at the end of the street, the church. And, of course, there is also an undertaker…

Sioux City sherif

The town looks a bit worn, but the western towns probably did so as well at that time. However, the town is full of life. During the day, there are different shows with features such as bank robberies, fights and cancan dance in the saloon. There are also several ‘inhabitants’ in the town and it is possible to have your picture taken with the sheriff.

Sioux City

Sioux City bank

On the outskirts of the western town, there are different animals such as cows, goats, deer, chipmunks and different reptiles. A bit outside of town, you will find the Indian reservation, but this is not quite as exciting.

Sioux City wanted

For children who love to play cowboy, Sioux City is an exciting place to spend a few hours. The different shows run all day, but the show on the main outdoor stage is usually performed in the afternoon.

Sioux City map

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