Playa del Inglés beach

Playa del Ingles mapPlaya del Inglés is located on the south coast of Gran Canaria, less than 30 kilometres from the international airport. Playa del Inglés has gradually been integrated with the next town Maspalomas, and the two constitute one of the biggest holiday resorts in Europe.

The area has many hotels and holiday homes. One of the many good and recommendable family hotels is Seaside Sandy Beach, which is close to the beach as well as the town centre.

The beach in general
Playa del Inglés has a long and wide sand beach. It constitutes the central part of the 5-6 km long beach, which begins in San Agustin and goes all the way to the lighthouse in Maspalomas.

Playa del Ingles beach

The sand is fine-grained and there is plenty of it! At the end of the seafront, the beach is 200 m wide and from here, the beach becomes engulfed by the famous Maspalomas desert. With its lovely dunes, this desert is a wonderful natural resort. However, the large sandy areas may cause sand in the air when the wind blows along the beach.

The beach has all the usual facilities, such as sun lounges, sunshades, showers and toilets. There are several sections with lifeguards, who can also help treat minor injuries.

A part of the beach near the desert area is popular among naturists.

Playa del Ingles beach

Playa del Inglés is generally a very family-friendly area, but the beach is not on the list of the most child-friendly beaches in Gran Canaria. Particularly on days with waves, it is important to keep an extra eye on the children.

Water sports activities
There are plenty of activities in the water, including water skis, banana boat, jet skis and parasailing.

Playa del Ingles

Beach restaurants
The most popular beach area is located just north of the Maspalomas desert. Behind this part of the beach, you will find the seafront with loads of restaurants, cafés and bars. Close to the desert area, you will also find a small beach bar.

Playa del Inglés as a holiday resort
Playa del Inglés has everything that a tourist may require. A huge beach with a desert area, five big shopping centres, plenty of restaurants, two golf courses and the most intense nightlife in Gran Canaria.

Playa del Ingles hotel

Many of the best attractions in Gran Canaria are also located nearby. Close to the town, you will find the impressive zoo park, Palmitos Park, and the best water park on the island, Aqualand, is not far away. In the next town, you will find the amusement park Holiday World (photo above) with roller-coasters, carousels, ferris wheel and a large bowling alley.

Playa del Inglés map
The map shows Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas and the large desert area. The most popular part of the beach is the narrow section on the right side of the map. A bit to the northeast, you will find San Agustin.

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