Firgas mapFirgas is a mountain village in the northern part of Gran Canaria, approx. 5 km from the coast.

Firgas is also known as ‘Villa de Agua’ as water plays a big part in the history of the village. Firgas is thus one of the two biggest producers of spring water in Gran Canaria, and one of the main attractions in the village is a 400-year-old water mill.

The village centre also shows traces of the influence of the water. In the street Paseo de Gran Canaria, there is a beautiful, artificial waterfall, which gradually falls 30 metres. Next to the waterfall, there is a long row of colourful benches painted with motifs from the seven Canary Islands.


The village square is called San Roque and here you will find the town hall as well as a church from the 1500s. Close to the square, several local artists have their shops where they mainly sell products made of wood.

The restaurants in Firgas are known for their local Canary dishes, such as Potaje de Berros, which is a watercress soup with a lot of vegetables.

Paseo de Gran Canaria
Paseo de Gran Canaria

The trip to Firgas goes through a beautiful mountainous landscape with many viewpoints along the way. There are no hotels in the town, but there are a few private homes/rooms for rent.

For those arriving by rental car (see rental car offers), there is a municipal parking lot on the GC-30 road, right next to a small café where you can buy churros. There is also a bus from Las Palmas to Firgas.

Firgas map
The nice street Paseo de Canarias is seen in the middle of the map. Only 50 meters to the northwest lies the square San Roque, which is a charming square with a beautiful town hall. At the northern end of Paseo de Canarias, there is a fountain with water coming out of the mouths of six frogs.

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