Puerto de las Nieves

Puerto de las Nieves mapPuerto de las Nieves is an idyllic fishing village on the north-western coast of Gran Canaria that was built as a port for the neighbouring town of Agaete back in the day. The village is 30 kilometres from Las Palmas and around 56 kilometres from the airport.

An overview of the beach
There are two beaches in Puerto de las Nieves with the main beach right in front of the village centre. It is a gorgeous, rocky beach that is popular in spite of its hard surface.

Aside from the toilets, the beach has no amenities – not even sun loungers. But there are some wooden porches on the left side of the beach for those who want to recline. There is a great view of the beautiful mountains towards the south from here.

Puerto de las Nieves beach

The water is sheltered by the harbour, so the waves don’t get too high. Perfect for swimming.

The other beach can be found on the southern outskirts of the village. This is another rocky beach, and the end of the beach is protected by and for nudists.

The rocky beaches aren’t particularly child-friendly but the water is calm. Remember water shoes.

Puerto de las Nieves moutains

Water sports
There are no water sports at the beach in Puerto de las Nieves.

Beachside restaurants
There is a handful of restaurants with plenty of fish on the menu right behind the beach. You might want to try the local delicacy caldo de pescado, a delicious fish soup.

Puerto de las Nieves restaurant

The town of Puerto de las Nieves
Puerto de las Nieves is a small, cosy village and a popular destination for those exploring Gran Canaria on their own. Others are just passing through the village on their way to the ferries to Tenerife.

The heart of Puerto de las Nieves is the shopping street Paseo de los Poetas. The street is home to a good selection of tempting restaurants and small, interesting shops, some of which sell handmade crafts. Many of these beautiful buildings are blue and white, so Puerto de las Nieves has a bit of a Greek village feel.

Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria

South of Puerto de las Nieves, there is a view of the remains of Dedo de Dios, otherwise known as the Finger of God. This was slender rock formation that once stood at 30 metres. It was destroyed by a tropical storm back in 2005.

Our video from Puerto de las Nieves

Map of Puerto de las Nieves
Puerto de las Nieves is located by the harbour on the left-hand side of the map. Agaete can be found on the right-hand side. You can see the lovely Hotel Occidental Roca Negra at the top of the map.

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