Top 10 best beaches Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has many beaches, each of them amazing in their own way. Town beaches, man-made beaches, natural beaches and even desert beaches. This Top 10 of the best beaches in Gran Canaria includes beaches from most categories, so it is up to you to find your personal favourite.

Maspalomas beach

No. 1 Playa de Maspalomas
When it comes to choosing the best beach in Gran Canaria, it is hard to ignore Playa de Maspalomas on the south point of Gran Canaria. Behind this wide sand beach, you will find a desert area, which makes this beach very unique. For families with small children, the best area is near the lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas.

Playa de Amadores

No. 2 Playa de Amadores
This lovely beach is located near the very popular holiday resort Puerto Rico. The beach is artificial, but this does not make it less impressive and it might be the best man-made beach in Gran Canaria. The white sand has been imported from the Caribbean and its bright colour contributes to the almost tropical turquoise shades in the water. The beach is child-friendly and has a great selection of restaurants, cafés and bars.


No. 3 Güigüi
Güigüi is the most legendary natural beach in Gran Canaria. The fine-grained lava sand is surrounded by impressive, almost vertical rocks. It takes almost three hours to walk to the beach, however, you may then be lucky and have it all to yourself. You are allowed to take off you swim clothes at Güigüi.

Anfi del Mar

No. 4 Anfi del Mar
Anfi del Mar is another man-made beach. The very bright sand has been imported from the Bahamas and in combination with the turquoise water, the beach looks almost tropical. The beach is located next to the gigantic timeshare complex Anfi del Mar, but is open to everyone. The shallow and calm water makes this beach one of the most child-friendly beaches in Gran Canaria, in particular for very small children.

Las Canteras beach

No. 5 Las Canteras
Las Canteras is the largest and best beach in the capital Las Palmas. A magnificent town beach with lots of room, a busy seafront and the big city in the background. Further out in the water, there is a natural reef, La Barra, which protects the beach against waves and it is also perfect for snorkelling. A town beach of international top quality!

Playa de Melenara beach

No. 6 Playa de Melenara
Playa de Melenara is located on the east coast of Gran Canaria and is not as well-known as many other beaches. It is a big and lovely sand beach near the small town Melenara. It has a fine selection of restaurants, cafés and bars, however, most visitors are from the local area. A good tip for a large and popular beach without too many tourists.

Puerto de Mogan beach

No. 7 Puerto Mogan
Yet another man-made beach with golden sand from the Sahara. The beach has the shape of a half-circle and is well protected behind the marina and an extra pier. Behind the beach, you will find many good restaurants and cafés, and the most charming quarter in Gran Canaria is just a few minutes’ walk from the beach.

Sardina del Norte

No. 8 Playa de Sardina del Norte
The small fishing village Sardina del Norte is located in the north-western part of Gran Canaria. The charming sand beach is not very big and almost a secret tip as the beach is mainly used by the local population. From the small beach, there is a view of the colourful houses in the village, which is also known for its good seafood restaurants.

Puerto Rico

No. 9 Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Gran Canaria, especially due to the big and lovely sand beach. It was one of the first man-made beaches on the island and the child-friendly beach is well protected behind the marina. There are many places to eat, all sorts of water sports activities and different boat trips.

Puerto de las Nieves beach

No. 10 Puerto de Las Nieves
This Top Ten also includes a very special stone beach: the town beach in Puerto de Las Nieves. From the beach,  there is a lovely view of the whitewashed houses and the high mountains. Behind the beach, there are several good restaurants with freshly caught fish on the menu. The best stone beach in Gran Canaria and a good place to make a stop when you are out exploring in your rental car.

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